AI-Driven Public Services

MODERNX helps you build your start-up and support your fund raising with solid MVP

The aim of this project was to develop an end-to-end AI-native public service department that transform the entire experience for the end-users. The scope of this project was to define the overall requirements to deliver such a department from a strategy to operating model, setting up the entire organization, governance and IT and Technology foundations. This is with the aim to build a Startup and rise funding to finance it.

Customer Challenges

The customer was facing few challenges that required various level and type of support:

  • Define public/private financial means towards a later fund rising
  • Define partnerships and outsourcing activities required to streamline the initial MVP investment
  • Define the business architecture of such organization (i.e., scalable, ai-enabled, agile, etc).
  • Define a strategic IT investment and roadmap for 10 years, including a detailed strategic business case for investor

MODERNX solution and approach included building an ai-enabled organization and a detailed strategic business case for investor

MODERNX helped this client build a unique ai-based public services, shifting end-user experience toward a fully digitized one, unlocking a global business potential. The solution included:

  • Benchmarking and assessing similar global initiatives
  • Identification of potential partnership with high return impact on such project
  • Definition of the business and IT architecture required including potential vendors and solutions required
  • Development of a details business case to implement the MVP
  • Defined the initial investment governance and project management office
  • Preparation of a 10 years IT and technology roadmap with business scalability scenarios

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