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AI-Driven Public Services

Develop an end-to-end AI-native public service department that transform the entire experience for the end-users. This is with the aim to build a startup and rise funding to finance it.

Digital IoT Operations

Develop an end-to-end predictive maintenance operations that uses real-time sensor's data. Predictive models are fully integrated with business systems and are trained to prescribe the optimal action using condition monitoring equipment (IoT based deices and sensors)

Cloud Native Application

Migrate content delivery application from a monolithic architecture to a Microservices design, enabling real-time processing and recommendations.

End-to-End Customer Experience CX/ERP

Develop a Build modern customer experiences platform to connect data, processes, and applications on a single, unified platform. Integrate the CRM/CX with all business applications

5 Years IT/IS Strategic Roadmap

Assess the current state, define an IT framework that ensures the group entities have functional, secure and stable IS. Detail an IS roadmap that allows to deliver in key areas such as digitization, online services and automation of processes.

Strategy Assessment and Target Operating Model

Corporate strategy assessment and definition of company operating model. Derived recommended initiatives to deliver against company strategic roadmap.

Customize your Transformation Journey, just for your Business

Audit and Assess your current business status, Design your future target state based on global best practices and benchmark, and Set up your transformation roadmap with a prioritized initiative, rationalized budget and validated use cases.    

Develop competitive advantages, expand your business, streamline your investment, and optimize your cost of operations.

Identify opportunities to meet current and future IT/IS strategic requirements.

Explore your best cloud scenarios and potential business applications to enhance your ROI.

Whether you are looking for a business tool (e.g. CRM, ERP, BI, …), or you are planning to develop your own application, MODERNX Team help you do the best choice and accompany you during the execution until you reach a successful outcome.

Our Engineers and Architects have up to 20+ years of experience in IT and Telecom technologies.

Consulting skills
Certified Cloud Technologies
Certified Business Application



Defined a 3-year strategic roadmap with list of required initiatives, business cases and operating model (structure, process, IT systems, and required competence and skills).


Moving from a Virtual Data Center to an on- premise OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure with built-in security and full business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

Fully outsourced quality resources with competitive pricing. Resources guaranteed to be fluent speakers in English, Arabic and French.

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Adel Besrour
Adel Besrour
Digital Services Expert
20+ years of experience in Digital Services, IT and Telecom consulting.
Doha Messelmani
Doha Messelmani
Business Operations Expert
15+ years of experience in business process modeling, organizational design and customer services modernization.
Elies Jebri
Elies Jebri
Chief Cloud Architect
20+ year of experience in hardware virtualization, cloud migration and data centre management
Riadh Ghlala
Riadh Ghlala
AI/ML & Data Management Expert
20+ years of experience with secure data management, data engineering and data science.

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