My 2018 Technology Trends Takeaways

My 2018 Technology Trends Takeaways

Since late 2016, I have been living a major shift in my career as I have immersed in a total technological innovation journey. I have got the chance to work closely with great minds to build innovative solutions and services on a global scale and with the most prestigious brands in IT and Technology Consulting. I would like to share with you my major takeaways on the technology trends that I have personally experienced.

1- Cloud computing is the core heart of innovation. As companies are still not confident with their data, applications, and software being in the cloud and even less confident that their infrastructure should be just regarded as an operating cost, #Cloud is rather an excellent mean to optimize operations cost, enhance efficiency and scalability for a vast majority of businesses and industries. According to #Gartner, « 20% of mission-critical applications currently deployed on three-tier IT infrastructure will transition to HCISs by 2020 ». Cloud computing is a great enabler of software and application development as it brings resilient agility and continuous innovation. Companies may build a mixed data architecture going forward, where data is split between private, public and hybrid cloud. Data will be consumed on demand and in a flexible manner depending on the business needs.

2- AI (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence): As data is in exponential growth (Big Data) and cloud allows data to navigate where it is needed, #AI empowers businesses to be more relevant, personalized and interest based for each and every consumer. Big data and analytics use AI to extract intelligence from the data to help automate this intelligence extraction to be translated into superior customer experience, loyalty and by consequence generate significant trust and revenue growth.

3- Blockchain: The Online commercial and non-commercial transactions are growing in an unseen trend. Using the web/internet to pay, or to issue an official document or an administrative paper is nowadays a commodity in the online economy. Thus, solutions for certification and traceability are rising and will drive the next decade of economic growth. The #blockchain is one of these underlying technologies that bring the foundations to these needs. Thus the rise of crypto-currency (such as Bitcoin), online highly secured services (such as e-voting) and electronic Identification (such as e-passport, e-national ID, etc).

This is just the beginning … #Cloud #AI #Blockchain